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How Putin meddled in US election

21 April 2017

Russian Federation shot down reports that a think tank controlled by President Vladimir Putin plotted to sway the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump and shake voters confidence in the electoral system, it was reported Thursday.

The documents obtained by USA intelligence from the RISS did not mention the DNC hacking, according to the officials who spoke to Reuters.

The officials told Reuters that two private documents - which are in the possession of USA intelligence - revealed a framework chalked out by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies to influence the 2016 election. The second document, which was written in October, is said to conclude that Hillary Clinton would probably win the election, so Russian Federation should start pushing voter fraud claims to undermine her presidency. It said Russian Federation should halt its pro-Trump propaganda and focus on efforts to undermine Clinton's potential presidency and the legitimacy of the US electoral system by fomenting suspicions of voter fraud.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ruled with an "authoritarian nature" at times but that was needed, and now Russia needs to stay Democratic, former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev said.

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Putin has repeatedly denied that his government had any hand in trying to determine the USA election.

Speaking in front of a picture of the North Korean leader and military commanders juxtaposed next to Trump's image, Kiselyov said Kim Jong-Un was less scary than the USA president because he was ready for talks, had not attacked other countries, and had not sent a naval armada to the US coast.

Russia Today did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for Sputnik dismissed the claims of USA sources, calling them an "absolute pack of lies" in a statement to Reuters. It developed a plan to swing the election in favor of President Trump and undermine voters' faith in the election process, the report added.

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Most Russian analysts believe Putin, who has dominated the Russian political landscape for the last 17 years, will serve one last term before handing over to a successor in 2024.

The report said the think tank produced two documents. After Reshetnikov retired from the institute in January, Putin named Fradkov as his replacement.

Reuters was unable to determine if either man was directly involved in the drafting of the documents.

Asmolov, from the Russian Far Eastern Institute, warned that in the event of full-scale war "hungry asylum seekers will flood into Russia". Putin thanked Reshetnikov for his service and told Fradkov he wanted the institute to provide objective information and analysis.

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- Both China and Russian Federation believe President Trump is willing and capable of ordering a strike on North Korea.

How Putin meddled in US election