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GTA Online Getting Tiny Racers On The 25th

21 April 2017

The Tiny Racers game mode is a new way to approach Stunt races.

"Grand Theft Auto" is a series that's always pushing boundaries and moving forward.

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In the spirit of the classic racing games of old, Rockstar Games will introduce the new expansion to the GTA Online universe starting on April 25.

GTA 5 has revealed a new DLC Update for GTA Online players with the introduction of a new top-down racing game mode.

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As you can see in the trailer above, it's a retro-inspired arcade stunt racer complete with powerups you can use to wreck your mates. The mode looks entertaining enough, and it will probably look even better to everyone today, given that it's 4/20 (if you catch my drift). With that being the case, marijuana business and business upgrades are 50% off, and any profits derived from weed sales will net 50% more money.

Today only, you can grab Weed Farm business, introduced in the Bikers update, at a 50% markdown. Since "Grand Theft Auto III", every game in the venerable franchise has been a free-roaming, 3-D experience. And burn out with Green Tire Smoke from LS Customs, also 50% off today.

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If you've been a GTA fan since its inception, Rockstar's new mode will serve as a blast from a past.

GTA Online Getting Tiny Racers On The 25th