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Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

21 April 2017

Specifically, Google Home can now recognize the difference between multiple voices once trained, and will take actions based on the voice it hears. To know if the feature is available to you, launch the Google Home app and look for a card that says "Multi-user is available". The way Google explains it, the phrases are analyzed by a neural network that can detect certain characteristics of each voice. New developments in Google's smart home hub are now working against this, in order to keep your wallet a little safer. If you've ever said to the speaker "OK Google, good morning", you know it will tell you the time, weather, schedule, and news. "From a voice control perspective, the Google Assistant was a no-brainer".

That ability may give Home an advantage over's Echo, a competing product that features its own voice-activated assistant, Alexa.

One of the best parts of Google Assistant on the phone is that it is highly personalized to you. Voice-personalization eventually could enable Home's users to block others from accessing the device, but Google isn't ready to do that yet. We've put together a step-by-step walkthrough to help guide you through the basics. It's important to note that you can opt out of personal results, by opening the Google Home app Menu More settings scroll down and toggle "Personal Results" to off.

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Virtual assistants just got a lot more personal. Google Home will still listen to unregistered voices when asked for things like facts and games.

Though Google has not made any comment on this prospect, there is a possibility that this new feature could be the starting of incorporating some of Google Assistant's features like creating notes, reminders and events that are now missing on Home.

Use the Home app to teach Google to recognize your voice.

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As of Thursday the square, cylindrical device will now recognize partners, roommates, kids and guests who come to visit. now supports multiple accounts.

Once you see your Google Home listed, select "Link your account".

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