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Fox stock holds steady following O'Reilly firing

22 April 2017

She called him "the king of cable news" and highlighted that his program had been No. 1 in cable news for 16 years. "The loss of that huge income to Fox News Channel I think really caused them to have to look at the benefits and the risks of keeping Mr. O'Reilly and I think they understood that there was no way to reverse what became a PR disaster and justify keeping him on Fox News Channel".

Bill O'Reilly, who has been ousted from his top-rated TV show on Fox News over allegations of sexual harassment, will receive nearly US$25 million (NZ$36m) for agreeing to leave the company, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Another accuser came forward this week, and more than 50 major advertisers have pulled spots from his show. In our talk, Allred said that she viewed this as a "historic" turning point.

In an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network in 2015, she said she was "fired" as a response to "calling somebody out".

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The severance package is based on a portion of the $100 million, four-year contract the "Factor" host had signed just prior to his dismissal.

"Roger could be a bully. He called people names", Camerota said.

"There was no hotline", she said.

Steel, who joined the Times as a media reporter in 2014, was one of the two journalists whose reporting earlier this month led advertisers to leave The O'Reilly Factorand, eventually, to the network dumping O'Reilly on Thursday.

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One of Bill O'Reilly's accusers says she felt triumphant when the Fox News Channel host was sacked following an investigation into claims of harassment by women. The network's parent company, 21st Century Fox, announced the move in a statement Wednesday. "In case you're a fan of sexual harassers who are on TV all the time", Colbert said, "we still have Donald Trump".

Towards the end of the hour, Perino spent one minute discussing O'Reilly's firing following several accusations of sexual harassment from multiple women.

Hoover said while she was never sexually harassed "explicitly" by O'Reilly, he commented to her on her appearance, sometimes offering critiques on the length her eyelashes or the color of her lip gloss.

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