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Chevrolet FNR-X Concept is an All-Purpose Plug-in Hybrid

21 April 2017

The FNR-X (FNR standing for Find New Roads) takes the idea of a "crossover" literally.

GM'S CHEVROLET FNR-X CONCEPT has made its premiere at the Shanghai motor show, two years since the company unveiled its radical 2015 Chevrolet FNR concept. As how you can see in the photo above, the vehicle looks really attractive as it tones down on the design of the old FNR concept from two years ago.

Chevrolet is exploring the future as well as showcasing the talents of its Asia-based design team with the FNR-X concept auto.

The concept demonstrates a "powerful, attractive design language" using what Chevy calls "clear, masculine lines". In V mode, the suspension rises to offer additional ground clearance.

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For the FNR-X, the premise was a vehicle that combines performance with versatility.

Rounding up the list of tech is the concept's augmented reality head-up display; a navigation system that predicts the complexity of the road conditions and adjust the route accordingly; as well as optical and acoustic recognition sensors. Even the blades in the wheel can be adjusted to aid airflow.

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On the sides are rear-hinged rear doors that can be controlled remotely and high-tech cameras instead of traditional mirrors. Interacting with the FNR-X is done mostly via voice commands.

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The steering wheel and dashboard have a sporty integrated design.

There's virtually no detail on the FNR-X's plug-in hybrid powertrain contained in the press materials, indicating that it may be more of a design study than a thinly disguised future production vehicle. Like any good multipurpose vehicle, this Chevy's split rear seats also fold flat to enhance cargo capacity, although that sharply raked back glass will definitely impact its total toting capability.

With CAFE standards rising through at least 2021 in the USA and far more stringent limits on carbon emissions in China and the European Union, it's likely that more plug-in hybrid vehicles will adopt the increasingly popular crossover utility body style.

The question thus becomes when-or whether-Chevrolet will launch a plug-in hybrid crossover.

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While we're unlikely to see a vehicle like the FNR-X in showrooms, some of the design features and technologies on the concept should appear on future Chevys.

Chevrolet FNR-X Concept is an All-Purpose Plug-in Hybrid