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CAPTURED: Fugitive accused of robbing gun shop/sending manifesto to president

21 April 2017

Jakubowski's flight gained national attention after it was learned he mailed a 161-page manifesto to the White House in which he states the government has wronged him and called the government a gang of terrorists.

The Janesville man is accused of stealing firearms and sending a threatening manifesto to President Trump.

The Rock County sheriff office's news release said that around 6 a.m. Friday, "tactical officers made contact with the suspicious person at the campsite".

Readstown is about 125 miles (200 kilometers) northwest of Janesville, where the manhunt for Jakubowski began on April 4.

Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden says the suspect was disheveled and surrendered without incident.

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Tolomeo counted 18 local, six state and two federal law enforcement agencies working on the investigation.

He says 26 law enforcement agencies, including 250 officers, worked together to find Jakubowski, who was arrested in a farm field early Friday. Gorn, a retired school counselor, says the two talked cordially for almost an hour, including about Jakubowski's anger with society.

The Vernon County Sheriff's Office received a tip Thursday night of a suspicious person on the farmer's property.

"The witness was crucial", Vernon County Sheriff John Spears said of the property owner Jeffrey Gorn Friday morning.

He also attacked religious leaders, arguing that churches control politicians and the government.

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Authorities are looking for answers as they review the capture of Joseph Jakubowski.

In communications before his disappearance, Jakubowski reportedly made references to his dying by the hand of Trump, and expressed a desire to save everyone by taking out one politician at a time.

Officials did not say where the weapons Jakubowski allegedly stole are now.

Jakubowski, charged with breaking into Armageddon Supplies on USA 14 north of Janesville on April 4, appeared rested and alert in court Friday afternoon. Gorn said the man appeared angry with society in general but never raised his voice, The AP reported.

"I just thought it was very insane how a guy all the way from Janesville some how was just right here in front of my house when he came through", Alex Valdez, who lives nearby, said.

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