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Can Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen win the French election?

21 April 2017

The latest polling indicates that French centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron remains the front runner in what is expected to be a tight contest.

Francois Fillon, right, former French Prime Minister, member of the Republicans political party and 2017 French presidential election candidate of the French centre-right, is greeted by supporters as he arrives t.

Investors appear to be judging that the prospect of a stronger mandate for May in parliament would potentially give her more chance of making the major compromises with the European Union necessary to smooth Britain's exit from the bloc and limit any damage to the United Kingdom economy.

"I will carry out this moratorium for the exact objective of implementing this 10,000 figure", she said. "I do not want to politically manipulate this event which is serious enough", he said, indicating that it will not change his campaign strategies.

He also wants France to quit North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Campaigning will officially end midnight Friday, before voters go to the polls for the first round of voting on Sunday. But pollsters suggest that, like him, she would likely lose on May 7 to any of the other top three opponents.

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French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron spoke with former USA president Barack Obama on the phone on Thursday, in an apparent sign of support just three days before the first round of an uncertain presidential election.

(Onwards!), as part of the 2017 French presidential election campaign in Antibes, France, April 14, 2017.

Macron warmly thanked Obama for his "friendly call", the statement stressed.

Poll favourite Emmanuel Macron comes in second with odds of 15/89 but is the clear favourite for winning the presidency.

Le Pen is tipped to come in the first two places during Sunday's vote, which would see her qualify for the run-off vote on 7 May. Among her campaign promises are temporarily suspending all immigration and putting French interests first, which she claims other leaders have not done.

Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen's Front National party has made immigration and the perceived threat of Islam a central plank in her campaign.

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Millions of French voters remain undecided, making this the least predictable vote in France in decades, and raising fears of a potential surprise result that could spread turmoil in markets.

French police say thieves stole a computer and a police armband from a auto used by aides to presidential candidate Francois Fillon.

One police officer was killed and two injured in the shooting in Paris on Thursday evening.

The theft Tuesday night near Lille airport in northern France is being investigated.

She assailed recent governments for failing to stop attacks and warned on BFM television earlier in the day; "We are all targets - all the French". "Whoever is the toughest on radical Islamic terrorism, and whoever is the toughest at the borders, will do well in the election".

Security expert Glenn Schoen told CNN that Thursday's attack could have greater implications beyond the French vote.

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Can Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen win the French election?