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Bill O'Reilly Out, Georgia Runoff, Turkish Vote46:37

21 April 2017

Bill O'Reilly could receive a payout as high as $25 million as he exits his role at Fox News, media reports said.

Protestors rallied to get Bill O'Reilly fired and advertisers jumped ship after a New York Times reported that Fox News paid $13 million in settlements to women accusing O'Reilly of harassment.

Fox had its largest audience on the renamed "The Factor" Wednesday night since O'Reilly left for what became a permanent vacation, with the Dana Perino-hosted show seen by 3.34 million people, the Nielsen company said Thursday. Fox even signed O'Reilly to a contract extension knowing that The New York Times was investigating harassment allegations against him - the story that led to O'Reilly's ouster.

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A day after Bill O'Reilly was sacked from Fox News, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) dished out some advice to women facing workplace harassment during an interview Thursday with CNN's Jake Tapper.

O'Reilly has vigorously denied the claims, saying Wednesday that he found it "tremendously disheartening" to leave Fox on "completely unfounded claims".

The O'Reilly Factor brought in US$147.13 million in advertising revenue a year ago.

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Then Palin turned her focus on the women who made accusations of sexual harassment, telling them that it's their responsibility to quit their jobs and change the workplace culture. "Now I don't say anything, you know, that could be remotely taken - you know, because obviously I'm a big target and any kind of a thing like that stigmatizes you whether you're guilty or not, doesn't it?"

When the ladies of "The View" asked Burgess why she was speaking out now, she said that she was "tired of reliving the trauma every time" she saw another woman coming forward.

His payout would appear to be smaller than that given to former Fox News honcho Roger Ailes, who resigned last summer after facing his own spate of sexual harassment complaints made by female staffers.

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Clearly one of the most talked about topics of yesterday as well as today is the firing of Fox news host Bill O'Reilly.