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American Carrier Not Really Headed For North Korea After All

21 April 2017

"It's true that the Vinson had been heading for the Korean Peninsula until April 12", a military spokesman here claimed. The Times reports that she had been completing a planned exercise with Australian forces in the Indian Ocean.

The Vinson Strike Group consists of the USS Carl Vinson, a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, two destroyers and one cruiser.

The Navy posted an official photograph dated April 15 that showed the Carl Vinson in an Indonesian strait thousands of miles south of North Korea.

170419-N-WA993-258 YOKOSUKA, Japan (April 19, 2017) Vice President Michael R. Pence greets service members on the flight deck of the Navy's forward-deployed aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), in Yokosuka, Japan, April 19, 2017.

Actually, it appears that the Trump regime wasn't so much lying about the ships.

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Earlier Wednesday, Trump signed into law the Veterans Choice Program Improvement Act, which expands health care access and allows veterans to stay with their doctor.

"We can not comment on details of U.S. operation of its assets", a military official said in Seoul, South Korea's capital.

"I think when you see a carrier group steaming into an area like that, the forward presence of that is clearly, through nearly every instance, a huge deterrence".

A U.S. aircraft carrier the Navy claimed was headed towards the Korean Peninsula amid rising tensions in the region, was, in fact, still thousands of miles away, a USA official has acknowledged.

Now, Defense Secretary James Mattis insists the USA is going to send the strike group to North Korea, and that they definitely mean it this time.

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They ... lied about where the ships were, where they were going, and what they were doing?

According to Stars & Stripes, the U.S. Pacific Fleet said in a statement the visit to Australia was scrapped. That is, we were shifting her.

"We don't generally give out ship schedules in advance, but I didn't want to play a game either and say we were not changing a schedule when, in fact, we had", he continued.

But rather than heading north to the Sea of Japan, on 13 April the Vinson was travelling in the opposite direction, south towards Australia, for a scheduled weekend exercise with that country's navy. President Donald Trump the next day said on the Fox Business Network that 'we are sending an armada.

"Our mission is to reassure allies and our partners of our steadfast commitment to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region", Kilby wrote.

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Pentagon chief Jim Mattis on 11 April said the Vinson was "on her way up" to the peninsula.