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Rhode Island lawmakers have nearly 2000 bills to consider

20 April 2017

Texas could soon follow North Carolina as the only states with so-called "bathroom bills" now that Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is on board after ending months of silence that businesses and LGBT rights groups fighting the efforts had taken as an encouraging sign. "It is now time for the Senate to act". Instead, he urged lawmakers to change a borrowing plan, meant to fix state-owned buildings, to use that money to pay for road repairs. But I do not think this issue is going away anytime soon, and we may always be fighting this issue.

The Department of Revenue expected the amended version to provide about $250,000 in total tax breaks once fully implemented, while the Senate version would cost the state roughly $180,000 in property tax revenue. Many of his fellow Republicans say it would be irresponsible for the state to borrow money for an ongoing need since state taxpayers would be paying interest on that debt, while $1 billion would barely make a dent in improving state roads.

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"The teachers that have come to me have said, 'I want the opportunity to defend my children and defend my life, '" he said, "'and give me something more powerful than an eraser to throw at these people'".

Rodrigues said that reciprocity - agreements with other medical marijuana states to allow patients to get marijuana in either state - was also the subject of negotiations with the Senate but would not say what other issues were being debated.

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Knowing that "what I did was still technically illegal", Flanigan said he made a hard decision past year to share his story with others, including current lawmakers. It's not based on what highways need fix. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in January that Texas should "protect those who protect us" by paying for bulletproof vests, which can withstand rounds from high-caliber firearms. It's not based on where the most people are. Democrats like Sen. Vincent Sheheen are calling this a "poison pill" that could kill the bill entirely when senators don't agree on tacking on tax cuts to the gas tax bill. Slightly different from the House's vote to increase the gas tax by 10 cents over the next five years.

The bill, SB 7, sponsored by several Republican senators, cleared the Senate on March 16 on a 14-9 party-line vote. "Well that means yes, we have crappy roads, which is what we have right now in SC", he says.

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An earlier version needed two tries to get through the House, and passed with just two votes to spare. The Senate stopped debate at 7pm on Wednesday. "So we're not controlling what they do from a private business standpoint".

Rhode Island lawmakers have nearly 2000 bills to consider