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Nintendo May Release an SNES Classic Edition This Year

20 April 2017

However, reports suggest that the NES Classic Edition is reportedly coming back in the future as a new gen console. This ensures that the NES Mini and SNES Mini don't take the spotlight away from the company's priority, which is the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has discontinued the NES Classic but that doesn't mean we won't see more retro-themed consoles from the Kyoto-based company.

Personally, there's a lot more things I'd like to play on the SNES rather than the NES, so when it does come out I'm hoping to get a lot more mileage out of it than I did the NES, where I ended up just playing Kirby and nothing much else.

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Now, it seems most will have to widen their area of scope to get hold of a Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition game console.

The power of nostalgia means styling distinct "mini" boxes after distinct classic Nintendo consoles is a powerful marketing move. A Nintendo spokesman alleges that the last shipments of the Nintendo Entertainment System will be made this April in NOA territories, IGN reported.

Other popular games from SNES mini includes "Super Mario Kart", "Super Metroid", "Super Mario World", "Star Fox", "Earthbound", Square's "Chrono Trigger", "Secret of Mana" and "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars". Still, nothing can completely replicate the way a game looks on a pre-HD TV.

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The proprietary controllers released for the Mini NES were pretty authentic, though they were hampered by a ridiculously short cord.

The Japanese video game company also explained that they never did intend for the NES Classic to be a permanent product, but rather a cool novelty item, just to bring back player's childhood memories, and it was ideal for the Christmas of 2016.

Within it's first month on sale, Nintendo reportedly sold over 200,000 NES Mini units in the United States alone.

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Nintendo May Release an SNES Classic Edition This Year