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Kerala: Easter celebrated in state with religious fervour

20 April 2017

For both Western and Orthodox churches, Easter's date changes from year to year.

"If we're serious about Jesus, we need to take his instructions seriously and use our feet as we move outside this church and let people know that Jesus is in fact real", he said.

METHODISTS flocked to the streets of Labasa Town yesterday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. "From my family and I to you and your family, Happy Easter".

"It was good, considering lots of working people head away for the long weekend, and Easter is in the [school] term holidays this year as well".

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This day is celebrated as Christ rose from the dead on this day, Father Diego said, explaining the celebrations. I love remembering all the times we did that as a family and seeing the younger generation discover the satisfaction in making an egg the "perfect" color with the "perfect" design and learning how to dye an egg with three colors all looking ideal.

Ayokunle who recalled the agony of the disciples of Jesus Christ over his death and how their sadness turned into joy on the resurrection morning is optimistic that the future of the country would be characterised by abundance, joy and celebrations.

Good Friday is observed by Christians as the day which the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commemorated in the church.

We are in the time of celebrating Easter, for this wonderful day is not just one Sunday in the calendar year, but in the Christian calendar is 50 days up to Pentecost.

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"The great gift of Easter is about hope - Christian hope which makes us have confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake".

The confectionary section of New Market wore a busy look since morning with people out there to purchase Easter num noms like Easter eggs, mud pies and cakes.

Easter baskets are nice with all the chocolate candy or special toys and the fun of hearing kids talk about where they found their baskets always brings a smile to my face.

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Kerala: Easter celebrated in state with religious fervour