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Jimmy Kimmel Cries During Don Rickles Tribute

20 April 2017

Taking to his talk show stage just hours after Don Rickles died at the age of 90, the host warned viewers right away that tears would most likely be shed during his monologue.

Don Rickles, the king of insult comedy, died on Thursday from kidney failure at his Los Angeles home.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" filmed after news of the comedian's death broke earlier in the day and the host devoted the first 12 minutes of his show to Rickles' memory.

In 1965 an appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson gave him his national breakthrough and he quickly became a regular guest. Don Rickles, we did not want to ever lose you.

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Kimmel reminisced about their relationship and revealed how it took multiple attempts to entice the comedian onto his show over the years. Don Rickles passed away this morning, and he was 90 years old.

Kimmel thought this was amusing because he believed Don Rickles should be the one boosting him, not the other way around.

In 2005, he appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno shortly after Carson's death to recall and remember the many appearances of internationally renowned celebrities on Carson's show and the impact the talk-show had on American popular culture. After Meyers told him that Saturday Night Live wasn't canceled, Rickles expressed his disappointment and replied, "Ugh, a guy can dream".

And true to his word, Kimmel was tearing up.

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"I was lucky to know him", Kimmel said.

Rickles was known by many names, due to his ability to make fun of others without a moment's notice.

Barbra Streisand wrote: "Being skewered by Don Rickles was side-splitting amusing". "I was doing a program with Ernie Kovacs, who told me to see a new comic". Sitting behind a desk while Don Rickles made fun of me.

Kimmel's guest, Adam Sandler, also had wonderful things to say about Rickles. "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert shared his own anecdote about meeting the comedian backstage at the Emmys. Our thoughts and prayers go out his family'. "And I felt like a made man because we all should have his career and be who he was".

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