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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): Surface Pro 5 to Address Its Predecessor's Greatest Flaws

06 April 2017

A new patent made by Microsoft has recently surfaced and it's a device that will have a dual display, possibly for the Microsoft "Surface Phone" and the "Surface Pro 5". The patent shows a device with two screens. Rumors about Microsoft Surface Pro 5 specs, features and release date have been floating around since early previous year but since its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4, is doing very well in the market, the company seems to have delayed bringing out the successor. As the Surface Pro 5 is Microsoft's 2-in-1 range of Windows 10 devices, the device will feature a screen with a kickstand and a keyboard base, Trusted Reviews reported. But the display's features likely indicate that it's for a tablet and not a smartphone. Currently, no one dared to release any specific detail about Surface Pro 5's battery; however, many believe that it could be between 7-9 hours because of different "sleep and hibernate" modes likely to appear with the Qualcomm processor. Reports are springing one after the other that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will have an upgraded screen, which allows 4K UltraHD resolution.

Recent reports claim that the new patent filing that was posted recently by Free Patents Online is pertaining to a brand-new type of multi-layered phone display that was made from tiled panels that curve at the edge.

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Speculations have since sprouted as to what particular Microsoft device will utilize the patent. The arrival of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will reportedly coincide with the major Windows 10 Creators Update. The patent also explained that the regular screen may display thumbnails of the cover album of the song being played using the static user controls.

A detachable e-ink display is what makes the patent interesting.

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The reader should note that the Microsoft still hasn't confirmed the existence of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

However, rumors last month from a supposed former Microsoft employee claimed that the device will "probably" only be released in late 2018 or 2019.

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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): Surface Pro 5 to Address Its Predecessor's Greatest Flaws