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Nearly half of Canadians want illegal immigrants deported back to US

21 March 2017

Four out of 10 respondents to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Monday said they believed those illegally crossing the Canadian-US border would make the country "less safe".

Canadian authorities have rebuffed any suggestion that the country is going easy on illegal border crossers. But Trudeau has come under pressure over the flow of the illegal migrants. There are no exact statistics available on exactly how many asylum seekers have crossed the border illegally.

Forty-eight percent of Canadians think border crossers should be sent back to the US, according to the results of a survey released on Monday by Reuters and Ipsos, a leading market research firm.

When asked specifically about recent border crossings from the United States, roughly 48 percent said Canada should "send these migrants back to the USA", while only 36 percent said Canada should "accept these migrants". Investigators said the pair were cooperating, however due to a language barrier, couldn't confirm if the couple was seeking refugee status in Canada.

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That also occurs, in part, because those in the USA can't apply for asylum in Canada, as the United States is considered safe country.

In the poll, support for deporting the border crossers was strongest among men, adults who do not have a college degree, people who are older and those with higher levels of income. The Conservative opposition have called on him to enforce stricter border controls and to suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement which prohibits most migrants in the United States from making a refugee claim at an official border post and forces them to enter the country via unsafe routes.

Forty-six percent of Canadians feel the influx would have no effect on safety, while 41 percent said it would make Canada less safe, according to the poll.

The Canadian population is also unhappy with the PM, as 46 percent say they are dissatisfied with how Trudeau has handled the migrant flow.

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Further, in a December 2016 poll, only 19 percent saw immigration becoming a national issues, whereas now, that number has moved up to a quarter of Canadians.

Trudeau faces no immediate threat, since the next elections are not until 2019. Brian Lee Crowley, head of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute public policy think tank, told Reuters that once the weather improves, it is possible the number of border crossers will increase even more.

It seems Canadians have had enough with the hundreds of asylum seekers entering the country from the US.

The details on the poll are as follows, according to Reuters. It ranks behind healthcare, taxes, unemployment and poverty as top concerns.

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Following the signing of Mr. Trump's first executive order on immigration, Trudeau reiterated his country's welcoming stance in a tweet. "We will continue to strike a balance between a rigorous system and accepting people who need help", he said as he announced a plan to resettle 1,200 Yazidi women.

Nearly half of Canadians want illegal immigrants deported back to US