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ICE Releases List Of Sanctuary Jurisdictions Set To Lose Federal Funding

20 March 2017

President Donald Trump established the publication of weekly lists of jurisdictions declining ICE detainers in an executive order signed earlier this year.

The White House's first-ever report on local governments that don't cooperate with federal immigration agents shows Travis County officials declined dozens of requests to hold inmates in the days leading up to the county's recent showdown with Gov.

"The Travis County Sheriff's decision to deny ICE detainer requests and release back into our communities criminals charged with heinous crimes - including sexual offenses against children, domestic violence and kidnapping - is unsafe and should be criminal in itself", wrote Abbott in a statement.

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The ICE report details how within the week of January 28 and February 3 jurisdictions declined to enforce 206 detainers issued by ICE.

When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release a criminal alien onto the streets, they have declined an ICE detainer. If ICE has probable cause to suspect the individual is a removable alien, ICE sends a detainer to the law enforcement agency.

"When criminal aliens are released from local or state custody, they have the opportunity to reoffend", ICE said in a statement. The report provides information on declined detainers and requests for notification for that reporting period. "Our goal is to build cooperative, respectful relationships with our law enforcement partners". Under President Barack Obama, undocumented immigrants convicted of serious crimes were considered priorities for deportation. Federal immigration laws authorize DHS to issue detainers and provide ICE broad authority to detain removable aliens.

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The top 10 offending counties are as follows, as CNN listed from the report: Clark County, Nevada; Nassau County, New York; Cook County, Illinois; Montgomery County, Iowa; Snohomish County, Washington; Franklin County, New York; Washington County, Oregon; Alachua County, Florida; Franklin County, Iowa; and Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

The suspects in those jails had convictions for domestic violence, burglary and forgery, among other crimes.

The report named multiple California law enforcement agencies, including a few in Los Angeles County, that had also failed to honor detainers. DHS explained that the data only covers when a detainer was confirmed to be declined. On Feb. 1, Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez's new ICE policy went into effect: she would only honor federal immigration detainers in cases where someone has been charged with murder, aggravated sexual assault or human smuggling.

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The report states 3,083 detainers were issued nationwide, with 206 (around 6.7 percent) of those declined.

ICE Releases List Of Sanctuary Jurisdictions Set To Lose Federal Funding