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Giraffe cam at Animal Adventure Park

07 March 2017

She is at the end of her 15-month pregnancy and has been showing all the signs of going into active labor.

Millions of viewers from around the world have been glued to an internet Livestream of a pregnant giraffe named April for days.

Giraffe cam at Animal Adventure Park
Giraffe cam at Animal Adventure Park

Video of the 15-year-old giraffe mommy-to-be, who is at the Animal Adventure Park in NY, went viral last week as millions of people stayed glued to her story. The birth of April's fourth calf was still pending as of Thursday when the live video had about 115,000 people looking in. "It has definitely broadened the general awareness of the park".

A NY zoo entered the fifth day of live streaming a giraffe giving birth on Monday.

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In videos posted on the park's Facebook page this week, Patch has said that he's been busy tending to his 200-plus other animals and that the flood of emails has become "so overbearing" that he's asking people to stop sending them.

"Still no baby, we have not announced active labor, mom and baby are happy and healthy".

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A new live feed was created later and streaming resumed.

The watch continues. April was notably less tolerant of veterinary examination today; her behavior suggesting her not as willing to be as vulnerable to touch, but Always a lady, she kept her manners. "If we want to have these animals left on Earth to appreciate, and understand and to eventually conserve, we need these efforts that we're putting in now", said Patch. Patch plans to hold an online naming competition for the baby after it's born.

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Giraffe cam at Animal Adventure Park