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What is taking April so long? Giraffe's caretakers post Q&A video

04 March 2017

While millions of people have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a baby giraffe in NY, there was one born at the Denver Zoo, according to KDVR.

"Staff was monitoring Kipele overnight when she went into labor", said Brian Aucone, Denver Zoo senior vice president for Animal Care and Conservation, in a press statement.

In the 12 hours before it was removed, the live "giraffe cam" YouTube video stream had gotten more than 20 million views, Patch said.

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The birth of April's fourth calf was still pending as of Thursday, when the live video had about 115,000 people looking in.

"You will notice her belly is looking nice and tight - perhaps a bit raised", the park said. According to updates posted last night and this morning, April is in good health and the baby is showing plenty of activity. The Denver Zoo's baby giraffe was born to mother Kipele (pronounced kih-PAY-lay) at 3 am February 28, measuring 5-feet-tall and weighing 73 pounds.

Once April goes into active labor, zookeepers will go in to help her the rest of the way.

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It's easy to understand why April "appears a little more on edge". Then the mother cleans the calf off before the baby begins to walk, according to the channel's giraffe birthing guide.

"We have two male giraffes, so we're not expecting any pregnancies anytime soon", she said. Once the calf is born, it will remain in the barn with April until naturally weened from his or her mother. He added that the initial timeline for the birth - based on April's breeding behaviour - may have been slightly off. But now it's back up, and more people than ever are interested.

Giraffes are born after a 15-month gestation period.

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What is taking April so long? Giraffe's caretakers post Q&A video