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How to buy Japanese games from the Nintendo Switch eShop

02 March 2017

We all know what children are like, and so do Nintendo it seems.

Barone also added that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One multiplayer feature for "Stardew Valley" are slated to arrive a month after it gets launched on the Nintendo Switch version.

But one seldom-discussed area in which the Nintendo Switch excels is in getting kids not to eat the goddamn cartridges.

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Cartridges for the Nintendo Switch console taste foul because of a "bittering agent" meant to prevent them from being accidentally swallowed.

What's frustrating about this revelation is that Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said that they will no longer be using Friend Codes for the Switch.

To register, you simply select the game on the Switch home screen and hit the + or - button, where you select "My Nintendo Rewards Program" and then "Earn Points". But it turns out there's a silver lining in that Nintendo will add additional options for Switch owners to add more gamers to their friends lists post-launch.

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A launch day software update is required to access the eShop.

Express Online is yet to hear from ASDA about walk-in stock, but the website is listing it as sold out.

According to Express.Co.Uk, Amazone is now sold out, although third-party sellers are bound to start listing consoles tomorrow. "Target will have an additional wave of Units available in stores and online beginning March 3". CEX is also likely to receive stock, but you can expect to pay more than the recommended retail price.

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How to buy Japanese games from the Nintendo Switch eShop