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Surface Phone, Surface Pro Major Updates Reportedly Coming in Q4 2017

31 January 2017

"Windows 10 Cloud is meant to help Microsoft in its ongoing campaign to attempt to thwart Chromebooks with a simpler, safer, cheaper version of Windows 10, my contacts say, though Microsoft is unlikely to position it that way (publicly)", Foley notes. Microsoft's Windows 10 platform is a popular choice among many, but education-related buying appears to be inclining more towards Chromebooks due to their simplicity. She adds that the new version should debut in April this year, alongside the roll out of the Creators Update. According to Microsoft, the newly released Windows 10 Insider Build 15019 carries the glimpse of the Game Mode option along with improvements in the Game Bar feature.

"Microsoft faces challenges with Windows on a number of fronts", he said.

Apparently, there are umpteen conditions that Microsoft needs to meet in order to bring about the Surface Phone envisioned by Nadella.

As we journey further into 2017, it seems like every decision Microsoft makes in regards to the Lumia device provides us with some inkling of the arrival of the Surface Phone. A smaller version of Surface Pen may also be included with the device.

Richard Edwards, principal research analyst with Ovum believes that simplifying Windows is key to addressing one of the OS' primary drawbacks.

As per ZDNet, this new version of Windows has been discovered inside some of the recent test builds.

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Will Microsoft ever be able to overtake Google's Chrome OS?

Windows RT was the operating system that powered the original Surface tablet as well as the Surface 2. While the Windows Store has more choice today, it is still missing many Windows' desktop releases.

Of course, Microsoft has previously tried and failed to release a version of Windows that only ran Windows Store apps, the now discontinued Windows RT.

Windows Cloud, though, may actually prove to be useful in specific applications, including schools.

But in Windows 10, with its integrated cloud-based services such as Cortana and OneDrive, Gartner's Kleynhans thinks Microsoft has the basis for building a simple-to-use and always-online OS.

Surface Phone, Surface Pro Major Updates Reportedly Coming in Q4 2017

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